7 Trigger Foods of Arthritis

7 Trigger Foods of Arthritis

Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

  • Joint pain and tenderness in a body part
  • Joint warmth, redness, and stiffness in the same spot
  • Fatigue and Fever
  • Limping and Joint Deformity
  • Anemia

If you are, you might be one of the million Americans who is suffering from arthritis. Once you get diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, you should know that there isn’t any cure at all. Bayou Home Care posits that the least you could do is to follow a strict and proper diet.

Care providers of Home Care in Louisiana, therefore, recommend that a proper diet should NOT include the following foods that will trigger inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Sugar and Refined Flour

    An individual’s blood sugar level surges up after eating simple carbohydrates which are digested by the body fast. This may further prompt the body to manufacture and eventually produce pro-inflammatory chemicals which could worsen a person’s rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Hence, if you used to love white-flour bread, pasta, or white rice, you should learn how to suppress your urge to eat them.

  2. Fried and Processed Food

    Foods which belong to this type contain a great amount of a toxin called advanced glycation end product which increases oxidation in the body’s cells and increases the risk to inflammation.

  3. Gluten

    This particular type of protein found in grains like rye, wheat, and barley, could cause inflammation in most people. Also, people with the autoimmune disorder have a big possibility of having rheumatoid arthritis with constant and continued consumption of these foods.

  4. Salt and preservatives

    Every time you purchase your groceries, you should make sure to check the levels and avoid buying those which have higher salt content. Although salt could be very helpful in preserving foods or lengthening their shelf life, it has been proven to have caused inflammation of the joints.

  5. Tobacco and Alcohol

    Once an individual gets hooked on smoking tobacco or drinking liquor, it would be difficult to end such vices. But do you know that tobacco and alcohol are among the leading root causes of various health problems including rheumatoid arthritis? If you want to stay away from painful joints, you should start quitting unhealthy practices like smoking and excessive drinking.

  6. Corn Oil

    A majority of baked goodies offered in the market are cooked with corn oil or other oils with high omega-6 fatty acids. This type of foods could be mouth-watering but once you learn that they actually cause inflammation, you might think twice.

  7. Dairy Products

    Since grade school, we might have already been taught how our brains need protein to increase memory and other cognitive skills. But for some people, the protein may irritate tissues around the joints causing such joints to not function well and ultimately cause inflammation.


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