Applying Lifestyle Medicine for Elderly People at Home

Applying Lifestyle Medicine for Elderly People at Home

Did you know that majority of mortality rates around the world are due to lifestyle-related diseases? In a 2018 Telegraph UK report, 70% of deaths around the world are due to non-communicable disease (NCDs), such as diabetes and cancer. But here’s the good news. As these diseases came about due to lifestyle, these can also be remedied through lifestyle changes. Through lifestyle medicine and home nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana, patients can now receive a holistic, disease-specific lifestyle medicine care plan.

  • What is lifestyle medicine?

    Unlike other cure-centric branches of medicine, lifestyle medicine emphasizes prevention by focusing on four aspects – stress management, social support, physical activity, and nutrition. Other than prevention purposes, this can also be used to help patients recover from their health conditions through natural ways. This care plan is usually administered by a registered nurse in Pierre Part, Louisiana or other certified healthcare providers.

  • What are the ways to follow this concept at home?

    If you’re planning to administer this care plan for your elderly loved ones at home, here are some tips that might help:

  • Hire a reliable provider of home health in Houma, LA to execute the care plan.
  • Make your home conducive for health. Install safety features and clean your place regularly.
  • Set regular appointments with the doctor to monitor the condition and progress of your loved ones.
  • Accompany your elderly loved ones in doing their physical activities to motivate them.
  • Talk to your loved ones. This is a great way of giving them the social and emotional support they need.

Are you now eager to give your elderly loved ones at home the best care to improve their lifestyle? If yes, the senior healthcare professionals at Bayou Home Care can help you.

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