Do’s and Don’ts in Managing Medication for Senior Patient


If you are a caregiver or a nurse, then you totally understand the dilemma of managing medications among patients. It is not an easy task especially when you have to remember everything that they need to take on a particular time.

For instance, a senior patient has to take three prescription drugs before every meal and they have to take another set in between the day. It could be difficult for most caregivers to take note of this. Many caregivers would use the medicine organizer and put in labels to know the medicines they need to take for the day. Some will put on a schedule in the medicine cabinet so they will be guided.

As one of the trusted home care in Louisiana, Bayou Home Care constantly tries to work on being more efficient when it comes to managing the medication of our patients.

Here are some things that you can do to be more efficient in providing medication:

  • Before you start giving your patient such prescription drug, try to research a little about it. Read about its composition, possible side effects, and how it is helpful to the condition of the patient. You also have to identify whether such medicine prescribed by the doctor is FDA approved to ensure its quality.

  • Put all the prescription drugs in one container or organizer and be specific on your labels. This will help remind you of the time it should be given to the patient as well as to the number of dosages you need to give.

  • Should you discover anything questionable about the drug or if your patient complains about it, you have to consult a pharmacist right away rather than decide things on your own. A professional’s advice will always be the best solution in these circumstances.

What you CANNOT do when it comes to managing medication:

  • Do not just depend on what the patient tells you. When they say that it was prescribed by the doctor but you are quite apprehensive about it, try to ask for the second opinion.

  • Do not skip the medicine at all cost. There is a reason why doctors prescribe you to take medicines at a particular time. When you miss just one dosage of it, you could inhibit the efficacy of the drug.

  • Do not replace any medication without physician’s advice. In cases wherein you ran out of the drugs and you need to give your patient a medicine, refrain from buying alternatives or similar drugs that are readily available without having to consult the doctor about it.

These are just some of the reminders when it comes to managing medications. What other tips can you suggest when it comes to giving the right medicine to your loved ones? Let us know about it by leaving a comment below or email us at Bayou Home Care, a home care in Louisiana!

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