How to Make Your Home More Conducive for Elderly People


Are you accommodating elderly relatives at home? Are you looking forward to making their stay enjoyable and comfortable? If you are, it would be practical to hire a geriatric expert in home health in Houma, LA. If you’re still trying to figure out how best to make your home more suitable for seniors, here are some ways to get started – you can ask the home health to help you make these adjustments:

  • Install more safety features

    Instead of using throw rugs, switch to rubber-backed bath mats to ensure that the walkways are slip-proof. Have non-skid treads on the steps of stairs and be sure to use non-slip wax to floors. Set up grab bars and handrails, especially for the bathroom and staircases. And to ensure your elderly loved ones will be safe all the time, hire a professional companion from a home rehab in Denham Springs, LA.

  • Improve the natural ventilation and illumination

    If you’re not living in a heavily polluted and crowded part in the city, you can open your windows to let fresh air flow in and out of the house. Opening up the windows can also improve the natural illumination of the area. Better yet, have some indoor plants at home. Indoor plants can serve as a natural filter system that will filter the air inside your property.

  • Improve the interior layout

    If your home has many corridors and aisles, consult with an interior designer on how best to minimize these features. Especially if your elderly loved ones have mobility challenges, they’re going to face a lot of troubles moving around the house. Buy furniture pieces without edges, and choose those thick and heavy cushions to ensure comfort.

Caring for an elderly person might be meaningful. But it’s also possible to get exhausted sometimes. If you’re searching for someone to help you, be sure to visit Bayou Home Care, a provider of elderly home care in Pierre Part, LA. Call or visit the office for more information and to set an appointment.

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