Ostomy Care: What Is It and When Do You Need It?


Ostomy care is one of the on-demand services offered by care providers for a lot of reasons. First, this care plan focuses on one of the leading issues of senior’s home health in Houma, LA and the surrounding areas — digestive malfunction.

  • What Is Ostomy?

    In a gist, an ostomy is a procedure given to people with serious digestive or urinary malfunction. In this procedure, the doctor will create an opening, also called a stoma, on the abdomen to serve as an outlet for the body waste. This operation can either be permanent or temporary, depending on the health issue of the patient.

    Considering the complexity of this procedure, patients usually undergo home rehab in Denham Springs, LA on top of the recommended hospital care they need. And for their rehab sessions, patients will be given a specialized care plan that will help speed up the wound of the surgery, if it’s done temporarily. On the other hand, if it’s done permanently, patients will also be given medications, supplements, and therapies to help them cope with their condition.

  • When to Undergo Ostomy?

    An ostomy can be done for a lot of reasons. This surgery can be done for people with birth defects, as well as those with inflammatory bowel disease, incontinence, cancer, diverticulitis, and other urinary or digestive health conditions. For some cases, this surgery is done for people who’ve been through pelvic or abdominal trauma due to injuries or accidents during military service.

    This can also be carried out for patients regardless of age, and this does not lower a person’s life expectancy. Instead, this is done to help the patient regain or start living a normal life.

Do you have a loved one who’s suffering from a serious digestive problem? Do you have relatives who’ve been through ostomy? If you do, it would help to contact Bayou Home Care, one of the leading providers of home care in Pierre Part, LA that also offers ostomy care.

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