Ways for Elderly People to Manage and Avoid Stress


Stress is one of the leading causes of depression, stroke, and other health conditions. And studies show that elderly people are at high risk of stress due to their fragile health, as well as their emotional, mental, and physical changes. But there are ways to help seniors manage or avoid stress. The following are effective and easy ones:

  • Understand the triggers of their stress
    Are your loved ones triggered by loud sounds? Or are they more sensitive to silence and solitude? Whichever the case, be sure to create an environment that would make them comfortable and relaxed. You can also hire a service provider of home health in Houma, LA to take charge of light housekeeping on top of the usual senior care tasks.
  • Eat right and do some light physical exercises regularly
    Serve your beloved seniors with mood-boosting foods, such as green leafy veggies, foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D-rich foods, and whole grains. Visit a doctor and ask for the best ways for seniors to exercise. You can also partner with a provider of home rehab in Denham Springs, LA to give your seniors the necessary therapies and exercises assistance.
  • Practice meditation techniques
    Meditation helps seniors maintain a calm mind. They can do this every weekend or twice each week for the best results. Remember that with a relaxed mind, seniors can significantly lower their stress levels.
  • Seek social support
    Lastly, it’s best to ask guidance from experts when it comes to treating the psychological or clinical causes of stress. It also helps to hire a companion for your elderly loved ones to ensure that someone will take care of them while you’re away at work.

Stress is indeed a silent killer. To uphold the welfare of your elderly loved ones, you might like to contact Bayou Home Care, a service provider of home care in Pierre Part, LA. Know the best ways the company can help you keep your seniors happy and healthy in their old age.

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