What Are the Stroke Risk Factors?


Stroke is among the top causes of death in the U.S. It is one of the main reasons for serious disabilities among adults. On the upside, it can be prevented, and it is treatable with the help of our healthcare team that provides skilled nursing in Louisiana. Everyone can have a stroke at any point in their life. But the tendency to have a stroke increases if we have some particular risk factors. Some of the risk factors are manageable or changeable, while others are not. Read on to learn about the following stroke risk factors that are changeable, treatable, and medically manageable:

  • High blood pressure
    If our blood pressure reaches 140/90 or above, it can harm our blood vessels (arteries) which supply blood to our brain. High blood pressure will lead to more risks of other medical conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and heart disease. Our blood pressure can be lowered with lifestyle changes, the use of medicines similar to medication management in Metairie, Louisiana, etc.
  • Heart disease
    Of all the stroke risk factors, heart disease ranks second and the main reason for mortality among those who survive stroke. Heart disease and stroke share several same risk factors. Health care professionals such as those providing home nursing can help us treat and manage these risk factors.
  • History of TIAs (transient ischemic attacks)
    TIAs are otherwise known as mini-strokes. Their symptoms are the same as a stroke, but they don’t last. If we have experienced one or more TIAs, we have 10 times more chances of having a stroke compared to others of the same sex and age who have not experienced TIA before.
  • High blood cholesterol and lipids
    Our arteries will harden and thicken (atherosclerosis) due to plaque buildup if our cholesterol levels are high. Plaque buildup located inside the artery walls can lessen the flow of blood to our brain. A stroke happens when the supply of blood to the brain is cut off. With the assistance of healthcare professionals such as those at Home Health Nursing in Denham Springs, Louisiana

At Bayou Home Care, you can find help from our excellent pool of healthcare services to help you manage your risk factors for stroke. Feel free to contact us about our home care in Houma, Louisiana.

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