What You Should Know About Medication Management


Medicine is created for you to feel better whenever you are sick. It is intended to improve your quality of life. It prevents, cures, and treats viruses and diseases. As you grow older, medication can be more complex than just taking paracetamol. More often, it could refer to maintenance medication that will eventually become part of your life.

Medication management is a serious business at Bayou Home Care, a trusted Home Care in Louisiana. We believe that sticking to doctor’s orders and a prescription are the keys to fast recovery. These aid your body’s first line of defense and kills viruses faster.

Here are some important things that your caregiver might not have told you yet:

Why do you need proper medication?

For seniors, their medication is responsible for keeping them healthy. It treats or it weakens the diseases that are slowly affecting their health. Because such medication is complex, they need someone who can facilitate it for them. Their medicines need to be taken at different times and in varying amounts/dosages, which means they can mix them up.

Although medicine organizers can be of great help, it is in the administration of such medicine that can be quite tricky. Hence, the need for a skilled nurse is necessary so they have an expert on them.

What are the effects of skipping medication?

Missing one or two tablets before and after meals may not cause direct harm to the patient. In fact, one can barely feel the difference.
However, constantly forgetting to take a medication may lead to different health complications, like:

  • Patients with heart problems may be susceptible to cardiac arrest. Skipping medication for cancer patients may put them at a higher health risk.
  • For those taking antibiotics for a certain duration, skipping one period of medication could worsen what they are feeling. The bacteria can become immune to the drug and the next time you take it, it will not have any effect anymore.

How can you manage your medication?

  • Use a medicine kit and organizer.
  • Download an app which can remind you to take your medicine on time.
  • You can hire a personal nurse or caregiver who can assist you with your medication. Our nurses at Bayou Home Care can be of service.
To understand better the importance of medication management, you can visit our office or consult with us today! Talk to us soon!


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