Why Do We Need Physical Examinations?

Why Do We Need Physical Examinations?

When you are applying for a job or enrolling in a school, you may have encountered physical exams as one of the requirements you need before getting in. There are also others who have been submitted to the said exam annually so this has become a familiar test.

But for those who are new, welcome aboard. We are going to share with you what you need to know about physical examinations and why we need them in the first place.

A physical examination is…

  • A routine test

    Medical professionals recommend people to submit to these examinations every year. However, there may be cases where the patient is required to have physical exams for more than once a year. This may be mainly because of an acquired illness or others.

  • Provided by primary care providers (PCP)

    Your PCP is responsible for giving you physical exams. They can be nurse practitioners, doctors or even an assistant of your physician.

  • Also called a wellness check

    Wellness check means checking your overall state of health. This does not mean that it is only exclusive to those who are sick. This is the perfect time you can ask your PCP some questions regarding your health as well as the problems or changes that bothered you for the last days or months.

3 Reasons Why we all Need Physical Exams:

Physical exams are not your ordinary medical examinations. It helps you determine what status your health is in. With the guidance and knowledge of your PCP, you will be able to talk about any pain or symptoms you are currently experiencing.

Those over the age of 50 need these examinations annually. It is used to:

  • Identify your risk of any possible diseases

    Prevention is better than cure. Physical examinations help us assess our overall health. Once medical practitioners notice a specific problem, they will investigate and get to the root of it.

    After further assessments and evaluation, they can identify your risk of any possible disease. When the disease has been pinpointed, you, together with your PCP, can plan for ways on how you can help combat and prevent the disease.

  • Update your needed vaccinations

    Throughout our course in time, hidden enemies like bacteria continually ruin the lives of our ancestors. But with medical breakthroughs, we are able to fight against these enemies through vaccinations. Updating your vaccinations or getting your necessary immunizations gives you the sword and shield to fight off foreign invaders.

  • Ensure a healthy habit

    With your results, your PCP can help you decide your perfect course of action to take for your health. This includes the food and supplements you need to take along with the right exercise routine for your overall wellness.

So do not miss your physical examinations! This is a friendly reminder from Bayou Home Care, the leading provider of Home Care in Louisiana. For more information, visit www.bayouhomecare.com.


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